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"Raising boys is exhausting, confusing,    sometimes even infuriating . . . and  absolutely awesome."

Every boy is beautifully unique and predictably the same; they each go through similar phases and challenges and cause their parents the same headaches and joys.

Filled with reflections that are at once familiar and new, Boy Lessons will help you understand your sons better, put their behavior into sharper perspective and make you a better parent.


About Jeff

Jeff Johnson is an attorney, business owner, non-profit leader and politician. He has spent much of the past thirty years learning firsthand the joys and challenges that boys can bring to an already full life. He's tutored boys in homeless shelters in Chicago,Washington, DC, and Minneapolis; coached boys in baseball, football, and soccer; taught them in Sunday School and confirmation classes; and, with his wife Sondi, raised two amazing sons, Thor and Rolf.